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Twin Engine Coffee - Cigar #1 - Whole Bean - Dark Roast

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Cigar No. 1 is the perfect coffee to drink with your favorite cigar. Around the Caribbean, coffee and cigars are crafted near one another. They’re neighbors. Cigar-makers drink coffee all day, so we wanted to craft the perfect coffee for anyone who enjoys cigars or rich flavorful coffee.

Rich, chocolaty, full flavored with a CLEAN finish is how we describe this coffee. In fact it isn’t just for cigar lovers. It is an ideal coffee to pair with food too. The clean finish means that the coffee doesn’t dominate the other flavors in your food or cigar. This is one of our most popular coffees both in the United States and in Nicaragua where it is served in cigar factories and sold in cafes.

The dark roast is great for cold mornings or bold cigars while the medium roast is great anytime.

*100% Made At The Source, Origin Roasted (Available in Medium or Dark roast)

*100% Organic Specialty Arabica

*Enjoy in all preparations

*Approx. 40-45 cups. 14.1 oz/400g

*USDA Cert. Organic & Fair Trade

*Made in Nicaragua


Twin Engine's Extra commitment to Fair Trade: 

  • Most fair trade coffees pay farmers fairly, but the beans are shipped to the U.S. or Canada for roasting and packaging 
  • Twin Engine beans are grown, roasted (fresh) after picking, and packaged in Nicaragua. 
  • That means more fair trade jobs for people who really need them!

Twin Engine's Superior Quality:

  • Most coffee companies mix lower grade beans in with higher quality beans. (This is allowed by FDA standards – lower grade beans may have mold or insect exposure).
  • Twin Engine beans are 100% “Specialty Grade” beans. And they’re 100% organic, and single-source.
  • You can taste the difference in this coffee!

We exclusively use Nicaraguan Arabica mountain-grown coffees. Only the very best micro-lots we select, roast and package right here in Nicaragua.
USDA and Fair Trade certified.



The impact of your purchases is felt across Nicaragua. As a Nicaraguan company, we employ and work with farmers, artists, artisans, tasters, printers, retailers, packers and other suppliers in our community.