Shea Butter Cream - 4 oz - Small Things Fair Trade

Shea Butter Cream - 4 oz

You will love our 100% pure, unrefined, cold pressed Shea Butter. That’s it! Nothing else added.
If you have tried other Shea Butters, you will find out very quickly that Ugandan Shea Butter is different. Ours is very soft and, melts into the skin quickly. It does go on oily, but in 3 minute is is absorbed into the skin and feels fabulous! Gentle enough for babies, all natural, no added scent.
We have had reports that Project Lydia Shea Butter
   Relieves the Itch of eczema
   Relieves the stomach itch of pregnancy
   Softens the hands of a hard working dog groomer
     (We are sure it will soften other hard working hands as well)