Rise & Shine Tea Towels

Rise & Shine Tea Towels

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Rise & Shine Tea Towel // Origin Creations by Twin Engine Coffee

Keep traditional craft alive in your home with our hand-loomed 100% cotton Tea Towel. Each towel was made by Daniela & David on one of the last remaining hand-looms in Nicaragua.

  • Choose Light or Dark Green Weave

  • 100% Eco-Dyed Cotton

  • Strong. Feels so nice to the touch.

  • Hang dry or tumble low.

This towel was crafted 100% at the source. Coffee In. Poverty Out.

There’s more to the story, read below…

The Story

Origin Creations by Twin Engine Coffee connect you to people where the coffee grows.

We say that Origin Creations brings Nicaragua’s raw beautify into daily life. These products also bring something that you can’t see. Opportunities for families to keep traditional craft alive & take care of their families while doing so. 2020 showed us that these opportunities are fleeting for so many families. With Origin Creations, Twin Engine Coffee decided to create a stable connection.

The Rise & Shine Tea Towel is a collaboration born from (founder) Andrea’s love for the simplest luxury of a beautiful towel & a long friendship with our local hand-loomers. We hope you enjoy them in your kitchen as much as we do in ours.