Onyx Elephant Bookends - Small Things Fair Trade

Onyx Elephant Bookends

If it takes the strength of elephants to hold up your tomes, these are the bookends for you. Weighty onyx is hand carved and polished to a smooth finish to create this charming set – with trunks up for good luck! Each weighs 3 lbs.
each: 6 3/4in. h x 4 1/2in. w x 3in. d

Dominion Traders


Dominion Traders is an export company that assists skilled stone and shesham wood artisans in finding markets for their products. Small craft workshops provide many jobs in Pakistan, where other work opportunities are scarce. Based in Karachi, the small company operates its own workshop with more than 25 artisans, and also works with several independently owned workshops.

Dominion Traders searches out the highest-quality onyx, going to the onyx mines in areas near... Read more...