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Medicinal Blends - Essential Oil Blends

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Botanical Pain Relief with 300mg Full Spectrum CBD oil.
Medicinal Blends Botanical Pain Relief offers CBD + Pure Botanicals to deliver natural, effective roll-on therapy directly to the site of discomfort. Packed with potency our deep penetrating gels quickly alleviates pain, and inflammation while it cools, soothes and restores vitality to strained muscles and joints.
Free of chemicals, Medicinal Blends Roll-On Relief, can and should be applied as needed day and night. We recommend using the roll-on application as a massage tool, apply pressure while applying to stimulate circulation and ease the pain.
Offered in two Therapeutic Scents:
Cooling Defense 
Wintergreen /Menthol/ Clary Sage
300mg Full-spectrum Hemp CBD
3oz  Roll-On
Soothing Repair
300mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
3oz Roll-on
Calms and Soothes
Releases Muscle Tension
Reduces Inflammation
Stimulates Circulation
Fast Acting and Convenient
Easy to Apply
Fast Absorbing
Arthritis Care