Leather Tote

Leather Tote

The Tote in Leather // Origin Creations by Twin Engine Coffee

Bring Nicaragua’s raw beauty into daily life. Create opportunities that never before existed.

  • 100% Saddle brown Leather, hand-worked at the source. Each is unique with natural tones, cut from full-hide leather.

  • Never bump into anyone with this Tote. The size is perfect: 15” x 12” x 3” with 12” straps.

  • Full-size internal laptop/notebook pocket + 2 smaller ‘tech & key’ pockets.

  • We guarantee that it will last until the next generation.

  • Arrives in hand-made black, beautiful storage bag.

  • Maximum Fair Trade.

This Tote in Leather was crafted 100% at the source. Coffee In. Poverty Out.

“I wore the sample for 3 months throughout rainy season before finalizing the design. I love everything about this piece. Especially that it still feels brand new.” Andrea Woolverton, founder/designer.

There’s more to the story, read below…

The Story

Origin Creations by Twin Engine Coffee are products that connect you to people where the coffee grows.

We say that Origin Creations brings Nicaragua’s raw beautify into daily life. These products also bring something you can’t see. Opportunities for families to keep traditional craft alive & take care of their families while doing so. 2020 reminded us yet again that these opportunities are fleeting for so many families. With Origin Creations, Twin Engine Coffee decided to create a stable connection.

The Tote in Leather is a collaboration with a small workshop in our León community. In this workshop, Terencio teaches young men & women leather craft with the objective to create opportunities beyond selling tortillas on the street. Each piece is hand-worked with focused attention on detail.

They are truly beautiful.