Landscape Series Canister Set - Small Things Fair Trade

Landscape Series Canister Set

Versatile ceramic canisters create an undulating abstract landscape when placed together on counter, shelf, or mantle. An unglazed portion on each canister between sky and land provides textural contrast. Wood-fired earthenware, each canister varies slightly. Set of 3. Hand wash recommended.
sm: 7 3/4in. h x 5in. dia, md: 9in. h x 5in. dia, lg: 10in. h x 5in. dia

About the Artisan:


Prescraft enables rural African handicraft producers to become self-reliant through sales of their products. Your purchase provides livelihood for these artisans, building their confidence and self-worth by making them relevant to national and international economic development.

A project of the Presbyterian Church, Prescraft was established in 1970 with the goal of alleviating poverty through fair trade, not aid. Providing sustainable employment and encouragement to rural artisans, Prescraft harnesses indigenous knowledge of local crafts, preserving traditional craft skills and encouraging entrepreneurship. It also continues to stem migration to the cities and improve rural village life. Prescraft handicrafts are made in production centers and in artisan homes, with producers paid a fair income. An apprenticeship program for disadvantaged youth enables them to learn from skilled artisans. Access to funds enables artisans to purchase raw materials and receive assistance for education, healthcare, and housing. At present over 500 men and women are employed by Prescraft; 85% work from their homes.