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Dyed Circle Necklace

A cross-section of double-dyed tagua. (The Tagua nut grows from the Ecuadorian Ivory Palm, Phytelephas aequatorialis, or literally, “plant elephant,” and is commonly referred to as “vegetable ivory.” During the rainy season it can take months for the seeds to dry to the point at which they can be used by the artisans to create tagua jewelry.) Comes with a double strand leather necklace. Adjustable lobster clasp.

Receive an assortment or indicate color preferences in the Product Notes Box. Assortment includes Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise and Brown.

Albert & Magdalena

Working with Minga since 2007

Workshop: Quito, Ecuador

Products: Jewelry – Tagua

Magdalena is the older of this amiable couple. She was born in 1967 in the countryside in Manabí province near the coast. Albert was born in 1972 in Baños. Magdalena laughs and says she was the country gal and he the city boy. They met in high school in fall of 1991 and were married in July of the following summer.

They have three children and three grandchildren. Their daughter Diana is married with three children. They adore having grandchildren. Their two youngest boys, Mauricio and Fernando, are what Albert calls “barons”—or young men. They live at home and attend college, one studying engineering and accounting and the other automotive mechanics. It seems the perfect use of their inheritance from their parents. Albert is a gifted mechanic; he designed and built many of their machines to process the raw tagua. Magdalena is the business head of the family. She likes keeping the accounts. She is the manager of their workshop, and she has to be fairly strict about quality control, schedules, tardiness, and so forth, or things would fall apart. They are both very intense and passionate about their work and the opportunity to give work to more women who need it. They laugh easily, but it has not been an easy road for them. For more about their story, contact us!