Twin Engine Coffee - The 5 LTD Edition - Whole Bean

Twin Engine Coffee - The 5 LTD Edition - Whole Bean

A lot can happen in 5 years. We’re celebrating 5 special years with this special coffee.

It is pure Yellow Catuaí Arabica coffee from the same award winning farm that grows Twin Engine Coffee’s ELEFANTE.

A very special Yellow Catuai coffee from our high altitude farm in Nueva Segovia, this is.

Yellow Catuaí is a variety of Arabica coffee that matures to a yellow color, rather than other varieties which mature red. The taste is truly special.

To celebrate five years of innovation, survival, and devotion to making great coffees available to coffee lovers we are offering this special and rare coffee in limited quantities.

The coffee roast level is medium. This pronounces the complex bouquet of flavors and aromas while carrying the traditional rich coffee taste along side.


Twin Engine's Extra commitment to Fair Trade: 

  • Most fair trade coffees pay farmers fairly, but the beans are shipped to the U.S. or Canada for roasting and packaging 
  • Twin Engine beans are grown, roasted (fresh) after picking, and packaged in Nicaragua. 
  • That means more fair trade jobs for people who really need them!

Twin Engine's Superior Quality:

  • Most coffee companies mix lower grade beans in with higher quality beans. (This is allowed by FDA standards – lower grade beans may have mold or insect exposure).
  • Twin Engine beans are 100% “Specialty Grade” beans. And they’re 100% organic, and single-source.
  • You can taste the difference in this coffee!

We exclusively use Nicaraguan Arabica mountain-grown coffees. Only the very best micro-lots we select, roast and package right here in Nicaragua.
USDA and Fair Trade certified.



The impact of your purchases is felt across Nicaragua. As a Nicaraguan company, we employ and work with farmers, artists, artisans, tasters, printers, retailers, packers and other suppliers in our community.