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Candy Wrapper Basket (Bangledesh) - Small Things Fair Trade

Candy Wrapper Basket (Bangledesh)

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This kaisa grass basket is accented with recycled chip and candy bags for a pop of environmentally friendly color. 5 1/4"h x 10"w x 6"d

Dhaka Handicrafts


Dhaka Handicrafts Ltd. helps extremely poor artisans in remote areas of Bangladesh struggling to sustain a craft-based livelihood. Your purchase helps them create a sustainable income where few other options exist. Generations of skilled Bangladeshi artisans are able to earn an income from craft, preserving this country's fine hand-crafting heritage.

Begun in 1976 by Swiss-owned Enfants du Monde to help impoverished craft makers, Dhaka Handicrafts today is artisan owned.... Read more...