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Anbese Fruit Basket

Artisans in Ghana employ traditional basket weaving techniques to create this colorful fruit basket made from elephant grass. An intriguing work of wall art when not in use. Serrv design. 4in. h x 14 3/4in. dia

In order to ship more efficiently, our artisan partners fold this basket for packing. To remove creases, slightly dampen the basket, reshape, and air dry.

TradeAID Integrated


TradeAID Integrated supports the indigenous livelihoods of Ghana's poor, empowering them to earn a sustainable income through entrepreneurship and export of their crafts. Your purchase helps Ghana's poorest residents fight poverty, many of whom rely on traditional handicrafts to augment meager farming incomes.

Following his university research on basket weavers in northeastern Ghana, local student Apokerah Nicholas launched TradeAID with his colleagues in 2000. Situated in... Read more...