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Free 2 B Long Sleeve Tee - black or indigo - Small Things Fair Trade
Free 2 B Long Sleeve Tee - black or indigo - Small Things Fair Trade

Free 2 B Long Sleeve Tee - black or indigo

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  • Ultra soft buttery cotton lycra
  • Moves with your body like a second skin
  • Not clingy, perfect drape
  • Drop shoulder, tapered long sleeve
  • Stylish comfort
  • Machine washable; delicate cycle, cold water, air dry
  • Two sizes: S/M & L/XL

You are actively involved in your life experience.  How does that reflect in your wardrobe.  We think you can both look great and feel great about what you're wearing - effortlessly!

The handicrafts are produced by local artisans in Bali who add positive energy to the garments from the start. Our work with these artisans correlates with our goal of empowering people in the world.

We work with five different artisan groups; 
Batik Artisans:  This is the community that hand dyes all our batik fabrics.  Four different ancient dying techniques are used, traditional hand stamped batik, marbling, tree bark and shibori.  I love the fact that we are hand dying high tech fabric with dying techniques that are literally thousands of year old.  Very much old meets new.  Any men that we employ are in this group but it still is a majority of women.
Cut and Sewers:  Self explanatory.  All women
Jewelry makers: All women
Knitters:  The material used in our Soul Warmers is created with a combination of machine and hands.  There is a small portion of men that work in this group but it is again a majority of women.
QC:  This group is responsible for our quality control.  All our products come to us tagged and packaged as well and they are responsible for this work.  This is 100% women.