Anxiety Relief - Seventh Sojourn

Anxiety Relief - Seventh Sojourn

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Everyone has anxiety in some form. Whether it is the stress of work, family, pets, deadlines, traffic, or any number of things—we all go through it.

We developed this product with some of the most powerful essential oils proven to help with everyday or ongoing stress. It is designed to be placed on your pressure points, or simply under your nose if you are using for aromatherapy. The oils will penetrate the skin and get into your nerves to soothe and calm.

This formula also helps to promote sleep. It is simply amazing.

To Use: Rub on wrists and along pressure points on the neck as needed

Ingredients: Essential oils of bergamot, black pepper, clary sage, geranium, lavender, orange peel, petigrain, vetiver, and ylang ylang

Net Weight: .35 oz